The Innovation Group of Companies has grown from humble beginnings to become Thailand’s renowned rubber and polymer supplier. After two decades of growth, Innovation group operates two trading companies (affiliated with DuPont and Dow), two rubber-compounding facilities, one finished product factory and two R & D centers. Our products are found in a diverse range of industries including automotive & rubber parts, plastics, footwear, adhesives & construction, petrochemical & power plant and electric wires & cables.


Position Education Major


1 Polymer Technologist Master’s Polymer, Plastics BKK
2 Accounting Officer Bachelor’s Accounting BKK
3 HRD Specialist Bachelor’s – Master’s HRD,HRM,HROD Rayong
4 Machinery Purchasing Officer Bachelor’s – Master’s Mechanical Engineer Rayong
5 Export Officer Bachelor’s Business Management or any related. BKK
6 CSR Bachelor’s Business Management or any related. BKK
7 Legal Officer Bachelor’s Law BKK
8 Sales Representative Bachelor’s Business Management or Polymer field. BKK
9 Mold Technician Under Bachelor’s Related in Industial , Mold, Mechanical BKK

Please Contact

HRM Dept.            : K.Piyawan Tongdee / K.Thanchanok Napohpol

Tel                          : 086-351-0979,  02-375-5197 Ext.204

E-mail                    : ,

Line ID                   : innovationgroup

(Update 29/05/2019)