Engineering, Automation and Robotics Center

    Engineering, Automation and Robotics Center has been spending years in developing in-house engineering, automation and robotic systems to provide to our factories. Our service to the industry with full range of engineering designs, production and plant designs, machine maintenance service and calibration service.

Our services

Engineering Service

Mold and Die Design, and Manufacturing: design and manufacture mold, dies and tools for part production in various industries.

Machining and Mechanic Part : design and manufacture machinery parts including precision part, machinery part, jig & fixture as well as perform repair and improvement work by a team of experts in product and engineering design to create quality products suitable for molding and provide CNC programming services that focus on customers’ needs.

Calibration Service :

Calibration services for measuring and testing equipment

It is necessary for research center that research equipment has to be certified yearly by qualified certifies. The engineering center provides calibration and maintenance service for the customer’s testing and measuring equipment at the customer’s site.

Certificate & Quality Standard

  • ISO/IEC 17025: Testing and Calibration Laboratory
  • The testing center is certified as an automation machine builder (AMB)
  • The Engineering, Automation and Robotics Center obtained the Board of Investment’s investment promotions for the manufacture of automation system integrated machinery and/or automation equipment, engineering design, and calibration service.

For System Integration:

    Design and network development installation that serve the customer’s production processes, upgrade the process to semi or fully automation, enhancing production efficiency and reduce production cost.

For Automated feeding system:

    Design and manufacturing machines of automated feeding system. To reduce error and lost in process. Automation feeding system is necessary for chemical, plastic and rubber plants.