Chemical Innovation (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

“Polymer Solution Provider”

    Chemical Innovation is trading company in the area of polymer since 1985. With long experience on trading technical product with global suppliers, R&D facilities and their supporting team, experienced technical sales energetic sales team allows CI provide customers not only products with quality and cost also as technical solution provider.

    They are also providing service and partnership building to grow together with customers. To expand the service and requirement from suppliers and market, Chemical Innovation (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (CIV) was established in 2018. They provide more products specify by customers requirement.

    Our dynamic team will stay involve in product development while research is conducted and react according to the customers’ requirements timely and regularity.

Polymer and Chemicals


  • Elastomer
  • Plastics and Plastic Modifier
  • Bio-plastic and PCR
  • Special Chemicals
  • Special product and masterbatches
  • Rubber compound