Innovation Group (Vietnam) Ltd.

“Rubber Solution Provider”

    Innovation Group (Vietnam) Ltd. (IGV) was established in 2018. IGV is manufactures of high performance and specializes in rubber solution, a leading customized design of rubber compound (B mixing) and rubber parts, including research and design through the creation of prototypes and mass production of dies with a rubber compound total annual capacity of 3,000 tons and rubber part 3,000,000 pieces to serve automotive part manufacturers, general rubber, footwear, electronics and electrical appliances industries.

Product and Service

Rubber Compound

    We operate B-compound with high performance mixing technologies, also we have rubber compound production line of various sizes and different mixing technologies with fully automatic and loading system in Thailand with annual capacity of 90,000 tons. We have the expertise to mix all type of rubbers, whole range of rubber grade from natural rubber to high performance rubber.

    The major business focuses on the rubber compound which customize to the specific formulation to meet the product properties, and process capability that customer required. Our technical teams provides strong support in rubber formulation design and production process to meet industrial’s needs.

Main Product

  • Standard and customized rubber compound;
    NV, CR, EPDM, NBR, NR and SBR, in both black and color
  • Specialty rubber compound;
    Fluoroelastomer, HNBR, Acrylic rubber and ECO.
  • Silicone Compound
  • Chemical Masterbatches

Rubber Molded Part

    Manufacturer of custom industrial rubber parts of various material products, such as O-ring, automotive rubber part, grommet, boot, rubber sole, including design and manufacturing rubber mold through the creation of prototypes and mass production of dies or specialty custom designed to suit many applications with our standard & custom compounds of EPDM, NR, CR, NBR, HNBR, ACM, AEM, FKM (Viton) silicone and fluoro-silicone.

Our products serve to

  • Automotive rubber part
    Engine & Fuel parts, Driveline & Transmission, Wiring harness & Connector wire seal

  • Industrial & Customized Product
    O-ring, Seal, Gasket, Boot, Bellow, Grommet, Wire seal, Damper, Plug, Diaphragm, Bush, Sheet, Pad
  • Transformer, Electrical & Electronic
    Bird-Guard Cap, O-ring & Seal, Washer & Gasket

Quality Control

    Our production lines are computer controlled utilizing Kanban and total quality management, and accomplished manufacturing personnel provide consistent quality products that meet our customer’s requirements.

  • Computerized processing control provides consistent process conditions, operation software-PLC
  • Quality and Inventory management by barcode system and automatic stock balance with real-time reporting
  • Kanban System in all steps of manufacturing