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                    Rubber compound manufacturing companies include: PI Industry and Creative Polymer, Thailand's largest customized rubber compounder founded in 1994, and Innovation Group (Vietnam), which operates B-compound with high performance mixing technology in Vietnam. The primary business is the production of rubber compounds that are customized to the particular formulation to recognize the product attributes and processing capabilities that the customer requires.

                    Our compound provides high-quality products that fulfill industrial requirements and standards both to existing and new markets. We serve clients in the automobile, electrical appliance, electronic, footwear, and industrial rubber variety of product.

                    This is supported with superb technical assistance, as well as elevated innovative products from the R&D department and rubber specialists. Our technical division includes additional support and assistance in designing rubber formulations that exceed the expectations of industry. Our customizable rubber compound ranges from natural rubber to high performance elastomers such as HNBR, FKM, ECO, silicone compound, and so on.


             To satisfy various demands of our clients, our company optimizes the rubber production facilities with varied production batch sizes and mixing methodologies. We also provide clients with tangential and intermeshing mixers in various sizes (from 35 lts. to 250 lts. with automated feeding system). This will enable us to be a world-class, cost-effective, and technology competitive rubber compounder, covering a variety of applications and industries in a diversity of countries with a total annual capacity of 120,000 tons.

Innovation Group (Vietnam) Ltd. (IGV) produces a high rubber compounds (B-mixing) with a total annual capacity of 3,000 tons, which included research and design through the creation of prototypes and mass production of dies to satisfy automotive part manufactures, general rubber, footwear, electronics, and electrical appliances markets. More

Quality Operating Systems

We possess perfect production facilities and precise international standard testing equipment, which ensures the consistency of our products as well as entire quality management. The prestigious ISO 9001, ISO 45001 Certification by RWTUV reflects all of our factories' high quality standards.

Quality Control
  • Creation of a computerized process control system based on the Kanban concept.
  • Register raw materials in inventory control and print out “Barcodes” of raw materials to attach to each raw material according to “raw material specifications.”
  • Fulfill with “Quality and Inventory Management,” which includes quality status management and error prevention, automated stock balancing, and real-time reporting.

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PI Industry Limited (Head Office) 

20 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 30 (ฺBan Rao) Hua mak ,Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240  Thailand.

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