DISPERMAC™ high performance pre-dispersed for rubber compound makes rubber compounding a breeze.


  • - It is in pellet form, making it easy to handle.
  • - Excellent dispersion
  • - Better operation safety
  • - Reduce cycle time.
  • - Improve productivity
Dispermac® is engineered with high quality ingredients and state of the art manufacturing process to provide consistency and excellent dispersion, therefore good properties of rubber articles.

In addition, Dispermac® enhances your mixing process by shorten the cycle time, providing dust free process and ease of handling.

Dispermac® is produced from a unique binding system which are compatible with all standard rubber formulation. High quality active chemicals are chosen, then encapsulated by binder thoroughly and evenly, to ensure the best quality masterbatches..

Dispermac® is dispersed quickly into rubber stocks on the open mills or internal mixer. They enhance mixing cycle time without compromising dispersion.

Dispermac® is supplied in free-flowing granules which makes it very easy to handle, weigh and feed. The mixing process can be done with less fuming environment and no waste.
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